admin   March 11, 2004   Comments Off on THE JOKE IS ON YOU

da2Senator Panfilo Lacson today said Senator Joker Arroyo is on a lost cause anew in trying to salvage his record as chairman of the Blue Ribbon committee by discrediting and twisting the facts in its Jose Pidal inquiry.

“It is not for him to prejudge my investigative capability. As far as I can remember, I, as a policeman, have caused the success of far more kidnapping cases than human rights cases that he handled during his heyday as a lawyer,” Senator Lacson said.

The essence of being chairman of the Blue Ribbon committee does not center on the Jose Pidal case alone, but in holding people in government in general, accountable for their illegal acts. The Pidal case just so happened to symbolize how corrupt this government has been.

“It’s he who still cannot get it,” Senator Lacson said, adding that Senator Arroyo’s record as Blue Ribbon chair will speak for itself.

“Had Senator Arroyo done his job, he would have held responsible the bad and corrupt men behind the graft-ridden multi-million river dredging project in his native Bicol region,” Senator Lacson said.

He said Senator Arroyo couldn’t hide the fact that he sat on the case by citing a committee ruling which he crafted and was unilaterally approved by administration senators. Senator Lacson reiterated that only a committee report, duly circulated and signed by its members – including those from the minority – could provide closure to an investigation.

“Senator Arroyo doesn’t even have to bestow, albeit mockingly, the chairmanship to me because he has no entitlement over that position,” Senator Lacson said.